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Groupon is an official app that lets you access and enjoy a huge number of sales from your Android device. From language courses to dinners at Egyptian restaurants, trips around the world or massage sessions - you can find all of this and more on Groupon.

From Groupon's site, you normally have to print your groupon on a piece of paper and carry it with you to present at the corresponding location, but thanks to this app you can carry all of your groupons on your mobile device without having to print absolutely anything.

Groupon works in a very simple way. Every day, it announces a series of sales for a limited time or until the stock runs out. If you see a sale that you find interesting, you'll get a time frame in which you can commit to it, be it a romantic dinner at a restaurant or a trip somewhere fun.

Groupon is a very interesting service, and this mobile app accomplishes everything you could ask from it. It makes accessing all the sales on the website even easier.
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